Are Premium Olive Oils Worth the Price Tags?

Before discovering whether premium olive oils are worth the price tag, let's first clarify what factors may set a great olive oil apart from a so-so one.

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Olive oil's price is justified by several factors, including its superior quality, which is rich in flavor and fragrance that accurately reflects the unique characteristics of the olive variety. The origin of the oil, such as Spain, Greece, or Italy, also plays a role. High-quality olive oil is usually packaged in dark glass to preserve its taste and aroma. International award-winners in taste testing are often more expensive, as they are considered the best of the best. Unrefined oils are often of higher quality, as they have a lower level of oleic acid and retain more natural minerals. In contrast, cheap olive oils often lack the captivating aroma and taste of the olive flower that defines high-quality oils.

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Let's uncover the hype of luxury olive oils. To truly understand if these oils are worth the talk, we must delve into the mindset of those who buy them. Olive oil aficionados are no different from wine connoisseurs, with a refined palate for what they taste. They don't just eat, they savor each bite, carefully tuning into their taste receptors. Each connoisseur has their own preference for what best suits their taste buds (be it pungent, bitter, grassy, buttery, or fruity), seeking that satisfying flavor that truly pleases them. Substitutions are not an option for these discerning customers, who won't settle for anything less than their desired taste. Just ask one of our customers who wrote to us, saying, 'I want it to burn like hell, make me cough, and taste like there's grass stuck between my teeth.' That's the level of passion true olive oil appreciators look for.

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Next, let's discover the secret behind why some olive oils command sky-high prices while others linger on supermarket shelves. It all starts with the quality of the olives. Just like a fine grape produces a distinct wine, top-notch olives yield exceptional olive oil. But here's the twist – unlike wine collectors who hunt for vintage, olive oil enthusiasts crave youth. They don't ask about the expiration date, but rather the date of harvest. This is the deciding factor for them, and it's not uncommon for our customers at to inquire about the harvest date on every bottle they order from our collection. 'What is the exact date of harvest on that EVOO", is a question we frequently hear from our most particular customers."

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As we recently received in a text from one of our customers who ordered ten units of a specific EVOO, 'My daughter and I bought a bottle of the oil in Florence, Italy last week. Really enjoy it and am glad to see availability here at This is the kind of connection and cultural appreciation that sets true olive oil lovers apart from the rest and these are the people who pay top dollar for top products!

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Whether premium olive oils are worth their price tags may be a matter of personal preference. Some swear by their superior flavor and aroma, which comes from using only the finest olives and traditional production methods. Plus, they may come from top olive-growing regions and have won awards in taste tests. On the flip side, others may not taste a noticeable difference between premium and lower-priced oils. In the end, it all comes down to your own taste and budget!


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