Free Shipping Over $250 (Weight must be under 10 pounds)

Free Shipping When You Spend $250+ and Shipping Weight is under 10 pounds!

* Free shipping applies to orders within the contiguous United States. Free shipping is based on subtotal before taxes and package weights up to 10 pounds. 

Q. What if my total is over $250, but I have a heavy-weight order of over 10 pounds?

A. You will only pay $3/pound on all weights over 10 pounds. 

Example: A $250+ order that weighs 12 pounds in shipping weight, will cost you $6 total (The first 10 pounds are free. So, you pay $3/pound x 2 pounds). 

As with many businesses, we are experiencing price increases across our supply chain. We are doing everything we can to help our customers continue to eat healthy, high-quality foods with the least price increases. This is why we help encourage you to bundle your order for maximum savings!  

*FREE Shipping deliveries are made on TUES - FRI only OR on the next business day following Federal holidays.

*We do not offer free shipping to Alaska / Hawaii at this time. 

We Thank You for Your Business!


Perishable goods, require careful handling and shipping to maintain their quality and prevent spoilage. We use thermal containers, which are designed to keep the contents at a consistent temperature during transport.

Thermal containers are typically made of insulating materials such as foam or plastic, and are often equipped with airtight seals to prevent outside air from affecting the temperature inside. In order to maintain the proper temperature during shipping, ice packs or gel packs are often used to keep the contents cool.

The number and size of the ice packs used will depend on factors such as the size of the container, the length of the shipping time, and the ambient temperature of the shipping route.


WHEN: Then: 
 An order is under $250  Calculated rate(s) and UPS rates are offered to choose from based on your zip code. 
An order is $250+ and the shipping weight is up to 10 pounds.   FREE SHIPPING
An order is $250+ and the shipping weight is over 10 pounds. 

  First 10 pounds FREE. Only $3 / lb on each additional heavy-weight pound. 


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